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Borderlands 3 boost codes

Go ahead. Go go go! Check below if you want to know how to redeem them. In effect, VIP Codes are codes strings of letters and numbers that you can redeem in one of a couple of different ways in order to earn free rewards. In effect: Shift Codes are a different set of codes which you can enter into a special Shift menu within Borderlands 3 in order to earn free rewards — again, most important of which are arguably those sought-after Golden Keys.

Each time you use a Golden Key on the Golden Chest, it will open and unveil a new selection of supposedly very rare and powerful loot. There are a couple of different ways to redeem these Borderlands 3 codes, but the all-in-one best approach is to use the Borderlands VIP site. It takes less than a minute to sign up. Shift Codes have their own section, but VIP Codes are split into different sub-categories such as Vault Codes and Creator Codes, so make sure you use the right option for each code.

You can also redeem Borderlands 3 Shift Codes in-game from the main menu. If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies. Find more information here. Ollie is a staunch lover of words, games, and words about games.

Borderlands 3: Shift Codes

Some say he used to be quite good at Rocket League. His love of Italian food is matched only by his love of Excel spreadsheets.

borderlands 3 boost codes

More by me. Please log in to reply. Wot I Think: Borderlands 3. Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode: a guide to the Borderlands 3 Endgame. The Foxer. The Flare Path: Radio General review. Fall in love with the Minecraft Harry Potter mod, in our gif tour.Borderlands 3 is the latest entry in the popular FPS and RPG mash-up series, with fans waiting a long time for the third Pandora shooter. And it looks like the wait was worth it, with Borderlands 3 at the time of writing getting generally favourable reviews from critics.

However, there have been some reported issues - with a number of Borderlands 3 fans reporting issues with bugs at launch. Despite this patch there have been a number of reported issues, such as stuttering frame rates that randomly kick in. This has reportedly happened when players have been aiming down sights in a new area or when moving the camera.

It remains to be seen if Gearbox releases another patch to fix the issues that players have noted since Borderlands 3 launched. In the past Gearbox employees as well as the Gearbox and Borderlands Twitter accounts have tweeted these out.

Shift Codes tend to grant those who use them multiple Golden Keys, so be on the lookout on Twitter. Golden Chests can include cosmetics but also include guns, which are guaranteed to be at a high rarity tier and could be Legendary. This will mean they will be eligible to get rare loot-in game whenever a player opens a red chest on the stream.

On Metacritic Borderlands 3 has an 85 per cent rating based on reviews from 22 critics. This is despite Borderlands 3 getting a day one patch version 1. Other bugs that players have reported are not being able to highlight items in the inventory. In other Borderlands 3 release news, players are on the lookout for Shift Codes.If one thing is clear with Borderlands 3, it's this: Gearbox would like to make sure people keep playing it for a long time.

Players earn VIP points that are redeemable for new weapons and cosmetics. There were a slew of codes being added when the game first launched. That push has slowed quite a bit, with bigger emphasis on Borderlands 3 Shift codesbut you can still redeem many of these VIP codes today even if there aren't so many new ones. We're collecting them so you don't have to go hunting, and we'll tell you how to redeem them and what they can unlock.

Every code type is redeemed for VIP points, which are added to your VIP account to be redeemed for in-game weapons, cosmetics, and more. Rewards redeemed on the site are transferred to whichever platform you have linked to the account.

borderlands 3 boost codes

If you're playing on PC, make sure to link your Epic Games or Steam account before you start redeeming codes. Once you're signed up for the Vault Insider Program, you can find the code redemption page by hovering over the Insiders section at the top and clicking Redeem Code. That'll give you a whole bunch of options with different types of redeemable codes. Each code type is explained below.

borderlands 3 boost codes

Codes received by VIP members via email on a regular basis that don't expire, as far as we know. Usually points. Common codes that often expire after an unspecified amount of time. Codes tied to specific influencers generated for events.

Generally expire after the event is over. Only 4 codes can be activated per event. These are a bit different from the others because they're one-use codes sent to individuals. Because of this, there is not a public list of these codes for anyone to use. Diamond and Boost codes are usually worth much more than your typical Email or Vault code, so it makes sense they're one-use. They often host giveaways for bundles of codes.

borderlands 3 boost codes

You can earn extra Vault points by doing other things, like filling out your profile, signing up to a 2K newsletter, and so on. It's all essentially a big promotional campaign, but if you don't mind being bombarded with advertising, you can unlock some new stuff for Borderlands games, including Borderlands 3. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

What are Borderlands VIP codes? Other ways to earn VIP Points Image credit: Gearbox You can earn extra Vault points by doing other things, like filling out your profile, signing up to a 2K newsletter, and so on.

Morgan Park. See comments. Topics FPS.Our Borderlands 3 Shift Codes Guide features a detailed look at how-to redeem and take advantage of these gifted codes! With Shift Codes you can gain access to cosmetics by obtaining Golden Keys!

Code Redemption

Those keys lead to you pretty sweet loot within the game, and can help you along your journey as you explore BL3. Shift Codes are used to collect Golden Keys which unlock a chest on Sanctuary that will reward you will loot!

They are distributed sometimes at random by following Gearbox and the Borderlands social channels, or they can be distributed during various events. You need a Shift Account to use the keys, so be sure to sign up for one.

Golden Keys can be obtained via Shift Codes. These Golden Keys can be used within the game to open up a chest that will give you random rewards. These rewards are usually a few weapons of different types that are at your current level. You can also get armor and grenade mods as well.

Golden Keys are redeemable at Sanctuary 3, which is your main hub in Borderlands 3. Once you get into the game, you might be wondering how-to obtain the keys.

Well, go into a game, open up the game menu, and press Social. You should see an envelope icon at the top, press that to go to the Mail menu. From here, you should be able to collect any Golden Keys you've obtained! We've got all the Borderlands 3 codes that are available featured below!

Codes come out randomly and expire, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often! Here's a list of Borderlands 3 Shift Codes that currently have no expiration date!

If you've never input a key, these should work on all platforms. Each one gives 1 Golden Key unless labeled otherwise. Occasionally, limited time keys will be given out that have a short lifespan. We'll be updating this post with them, but we'll also be tweeting them out so follow us here. Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software, gives out keys from time to time, so you might want to follow him as well right here!

Each code gives 1 Golden Key unless labeled otherwise. Gearbox is giving out eight daily gifts with cosmetics and items starting on December 13th, !

Images of the rewards can be found further down the page. Make sure to check back for additional codes as they are released. These all expired at am CT on January 10th, ! The 3 Golden Keys code that is listed below is apart of this event, and they also added some high quality holiday themed wallpapers to this page as another gift.

Here's a look at the cosmetics and items you can earn by redeeming the codes during the Mercenary Day celebration.These codes can be used to obtain unique rewards like Golden Keys and unlock special Legendary Weapons and other loot.

Borderlands 3 Shift Codes and Golden Keys are announced regularly through different sources. All the latest are compiled below and include the amount of Golden Keys rewarded, the dates they are added, and when they will expire. Shift Codes and VIP Codes can also unlock special cosmetics and other items not found anywhere else, so be sure to check back regularly for new Shift Codes. It's the platform that powers all in-game promotions and rewards in Gearbox games. Once you have redeemed the SHiFT Codes to obtain a certain amount of Golden Keys, you will find the special Golden Chest aboard the Sanctuary 3 spaceship, which you can start doing once you leave Pandora for the first time at the end of the 4th mission.

Each Golden Key has a one time use to open the Golden Chest to reward you with a random assortment of high-tier weapons and items. They will always be Uncommon rarity or above, and will always be at your current level when opening the chest.

After you use the Golden Key to collect the loot, the chest will re-seal, and you can use additional keys to keep opening the chest for more loot. Use those keys carefully!

Since Golden Keys are limited, you'll want to use them when you really need a good weapon, and your current stock just isn't cutting it. Gearbox and its employees often share SHiFT codes on social media. All users can use these same codes, but after a certain time period, they will expire. These codes are independent of your character saves, so one code will work in each individual save. You can earn points by entering codes see below.

Borderlands 3: How to claim XP and Loot drop Boost mods & Pre Order Bonuses

Go to Borderlands. Points will be added to your account. Scroll down and under getting started and activities there are a variety of things you can do earn points. Below are a variety of codes.

Make sure you click on the correct code type. These codes were found on spieltipps. These will not be delivered until the game is released and please note that you cannot get Gold Keys for Borderlands 3 yet. To do so, you must have signed up for the Borderlands VIP account, and filled out a survey form listing where you pre-ordered the game from. If done correctly, and if you play within 14 days of the game's release on September 13th, you will earn a special weapon, skin, and 5 Gold Keys that will arrive in your mail.

Borderlands 3 Wiki Guide Table of Contents. Last Edited: 27 Mar pm.

Borderlands 3 VIP Codes: Active point codes and how to redeem them

Borderlands 3 Shift Codes for March [ edit ] Loading. Was this guide helpful? YES NO.Borderlands 3 Shift Codes see the return of the fan-favourite giveaways from other Borderlands games. There are some slight differences between the two, but once you get your head around what goes where, both give you the chance to earn additional loot, provided you have a Borderlands 3 Shift Codes List or VIP Codes Listsuch as those on this page.

Shift Codes return in Borderlands 3 after appearing in previous games in the series, allowing players to earn free rewards, such as Gold Keys, used to open unique chests for rare loot. Joining them are a new kind of reward - VIP Codes - which allow you to earn points to be spent on rewards of your choice. These codes are found from a variety of sources - such as official social media platforms and email newsletters - but the good news is they're not a one code per person deal, meaning there is a list of codes available anyone can use to earn rewards.

You can also earn VIP points through a variety of methods - completing surveys, signing up to the newsletter, recommending friends and so on - but the easiest way is through entering VIP Codes, which this page can help you with.

Once you have a Shift Code you want to enter in Borderlands 3, you can redeem it in several ways. This uses the same log in and account as the Shift website above, for those who have made one for previous games. From there, go to 'Insiders' at the top of the site, then 'Redeem Code'. These refer to the different sources of these codes, and all codes will fit into one of these categories, so make sure you select the right one to ensure it'll redeem correctly.

Note if you have an ad-blocker installed in your browser, some of these might not appear until they have been disabled!

As with Shift Codes, you can find these online - or specifically below with our VIP Codes list - to start earning points. If they don't work online, then try and redeem them in-game instead. At launch, only the following Shift Code was released in Borderlands 3, and can only be redeemed through the original dedicated Shift rewards website. This is technically an old Borderlands 2 code that also works with Borderlands 3, provided you use it on the original Shift Code site, as explained by Arekkz in the following video:.

At launch, the known working Borderlands 3 VIP Codes are as follows - thanks to the Borderlands subreddit for sourcing some of these, which we've then filtered ourselves by testing and verifying the ones that work. If they don't work for you, it's possible some will be voided over time, so the sooner you redeem them, the better - for us, it was an easy source of over 10, VIP points.

Remember, as well as the above, you can earn other VIP rewards through completing other activites on the Borderlands 3 VIP website, such as:.

To see this content please enable targeting cookies. Manage cookie settings. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.Shift codes are back in Borderlands 3. They're Gearbox's way to give players various items and rewards in-game by entering long digit codes on the Shift.

Borderlands 3 Shift codes: Every active Shift code and how to redeem them

Most Shift Codes grant golden keys, which unlock a special chest in Sanctuary and gifts you one of Borderlands 3' billion-or-so guns. If you're lucky, you'll get something rare and shiny.

It's like loot boxes, except the keys are free. You'll just need to keep your eyes peeled and check this page to find them. Gearbox is regularly releasing new Borderlands 3 Shift codes, but you have to be vigilant—most of them expire a few days after they're posted.

We're updating this page with all the Borderlands 3 Shift codes as we see them. There's a section devoted to cotes that don't expire, and a running list of short-lived codes, too. Keep an eye on that section and use them before they're gone. Until April 10, there's an active Shift code worth 10 Golden Keys —make sure to grab it! Scroll down for the latest Shift codes and a guide to how to register them and use them in-game.

For Borderlands 3 VIP codeswhich are a whole different set of unlockables, hit the link. And if you're still playing Borderlands 2, head over to our collection of Borderlands 2 Shift Codes. Most of Borderlands 3's new Shift codes expire within a day of being posted on Twitter. We're keeping an eye out for them.

If you see one listed here, grab it! So far, many of Borderlands 3's Shift codes have expired after only a few hours, and are posted exclusively on Randy Pitchford's Twitter account. Following him is the best way to catch Shift codes that expire within 24 hours. You can usually spot one on Fridays in preparation for the weekend that will expire on Saturday morning.

Alternatively, the fan-run dgShiftCodes Twitter account posts every new Shift code after Randy tweets them out and also catches new time-limited Borderlands 3 VIP codes as they appear. Borderlands 3 Shift codes come in two forms, although only the Golden Keys above have been dished out so far. Here's the gist:.

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Gearbox may even have more plans for what you unlock with Shift codes in the future, but the redemption process is the same no matter what, and it's pretty straightforward—the easiest way is to use the website Shift. In-game, your golden keys should be delivered to you via Borderlands mail. But how do you use 'em? That's simple: Head to the big golden chest in Sanctuary, near the fast travel point.

Here's where to find it, and what it looks like:. Pop your key into the chest, cross your fingers, and ask the gun gods for a legendary.

Good luck!