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Pes 2020 defending

Scripting is a controversial underlying aspect present in a minority of videogames where gameplay is secretly manipulated by the backend code of the software that drastically impacts the user experience regardless of their efforts or performance. There has been substantial evidence provided that such factors exist in brands like PES and FIFA although it is unlikely to ever be conclusively proven without full disclosure from the developers.

Scripting can be used to manipulate users into spending real money in-game or it may exist as a form of artificial difficulty to perhaps cover up a lack of quality in the AI.

This can also be seen in linear games such as Call of Duty campaigns where the player is expected to follow a certain path, or even racing games that have a discreet rubber-banding or a catch-up logic mechanic in play.

Scripting can manifest online and offline in PES but it is absolutely notorious and relentless when facing the AI on the Superstar and Legendary Difficulties particularly if you are playing with weaker sides. This likely exists to compensate for below-par AI but it can leave users feeling annoyed and it makes matches look incredibly untidy.

You may notice blatant inconsistencies or bizarre occurrences that leave you frustrated and confused — a lot of these are simply down to the scripting and not your personal performance or bad luck. There is also suggestions that weaker AI teams are scaled upwards regardless of stats when facing better sides, so if you are facing San Marino whilst playing as France, you may be in for a tougher match than statistics would suggest!

Here is a few common things to look out for which can be attributed to scripting The AI can also block or intercept the ball with ease even if you are directing the pass well outside of their reach. Level 2 is more in-line with previous PES experiences. This is one of the most rage-inducing and broken aspects of PES Most of the time, your perfectly timed and powered through-balls fail to reach the desired target or go in the direction intended.

Often the CPU will intercept the pass, or in the rare instance where a ball is perfectly played, your striker will suddenly stop or slow down allowing for the defending player s to cut out the move.

pes 2020 defending

Power applied never reflects the visible ball speed either. Lionel Messi through one-on-one and powers up a shot from 12 yards only to see his effort trickle towards the keeper. Granted, you can blast shots quite comfortably from outside the box that the keeper will likely parry but when it comes to easy chances in front of goal, even the top strikers can be held back by some questionable instances.

It appears the closer you are to goal, the weaker full power shots become with the ball at your feet. Try switching between Basic default and Manual in training to see the difference. Player switching needs to be responsive, fluid and snappy particularly on a game where the AI has full control over all players.

Sadly in PES just like its predecessor; you will be battling the infuriating player-switching as well as your opponent. The scripting is in full force with farces like this where even stats mean nothing. Even at the higher in-game difficulty settings, there still has to be some degree of realism and having low stats being scaled-up can gravely impact how matches look and feel.

PES 2020 tips: 5 essential things to know before you play

With the ball in comfortably at your feet, you can still lose possession as the player may suddenly carry it too far in front of them, right into an opponents path for an easy interception. If the script us operating against you, the ball physics can go haywire where it can bobble around your players as you try and salvage what possession you can.

This can decline further as the match wears on making gameplay intolerable. Bad RNG? On September 18thKonami acknowledged this as a major issue and a supposed fix is being produced for the end of October. Ever been on the attack and played a nice sweeping ball into the path of your player but they just stop for no reason and the move breaks down? This is another common factor yet the AI does not experience this handicap. This can be further hamstrung if you cannot switch to the nearest player and are relying on your own AI teammates out of your control.

Slide or block tackling is an effective way of nabbing the ball or stopping an attack but more often than not, you may find yourself missing perfectly timed tackles altogether with the AI bizarrely evading whilst also retaining the ball.

If your team is in poor condition overall, you will see a culmination of the above factors in operation together that hugely impact the performance of your team and your overall enjoyment of the game. You can struggle to string passes together, control the ball, get persistently tackled, fail to get past opposing players and move the ball around the pitch with any finesse.

PES 2020 Advanced Instructions Tips

The way difficulty is implemented in this game is deeply flawed and the consequences of low player morale are simply too exaggerated and unrealistic. The most common goal is a glided long ball into the feet of the attacker who turns and finds the net with a low shot before you are even able to highlight a player.

Other times the CPU will pop up with an unchallenged header or simply smash the ball home right into the corner of the net from outside the box out of nothing.

If the AI wants or needs to score, it will and there is nothing you can do.In this tutorial, you will learn about the various aspects of defending to reduce the number of goals conceded. Physical Strength — The player is physically strong to challenge and win the ball.

Covering — The player is good at providing cover and support for his fellow defenders. Strength in the Air — The player is strong in the air when challenging for aerial balls. Header — The player is a good header of the ball. Defensive Prowess — This is the key trait to look out for. It shows the overall defensive ability of the player. Ball Winning — The player is good in dispossessing the opponent. Jump — The player has a high jump, useful to win aerial battles.

It is hard to find a player that is strong in all attributes. For example, a player who has high Physical Strength and Body Balance is unlikely to have high speed. It is thus important to have a number of defenders, each with his own strength for them to complement their fellow defenders. If you are playing with 2 center backs, play a tall, strong defender with a fast defender. If you are using 3 center backs, play the tall, strong player in the center, and the fast defenders on the sides.

We can no longer go rushing towards the opponent and expect to win the ball. Konami has added realism to defending, requiring you to follow the attacker closely and deciding on the right time to make the tackle. Your defender will slow down and track the attacker, keeping a few steps away from him.

When you feel that the time is right to make a tackle, release the left analog stick such that your defender will approach him and apply pressure. Your defender will immediately approach the player and jostle with him to try and win the ball.

This is similar to the Stand Off method, with the difference in the execution.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. So this year I made the switchfrom Fifa to Pes, and overall I'm liking it I'm only playing it for MLbut one issue that keeps popping up is that I always receive the same type of goals against the AI 4th and 5th difficulty.

pes 2020 defending

They pass from midfield to someone on the edge of the box, and for some reason there is nobody in his neighbourhoud for meters. So either he turns and shoots, or he passes it deeper in the box to someone who isn't properly marked either and then it's goal.

I try to put on secondary pressure to anyone close to the box, but often they just come to late. Any advice? Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. This is indeed an easy go-to goal for the CPU this year. You have to defend by moving a CB in front of the target man to block the pass. Sometimes you can use a DMF, depends on the situation. I know it can be difficult at times since the camera is not always showing that part of the pitch. This is one of the advantages of playing in Ultrawide, it's easier to spot and react to these situations.

Best PES 2020 formations: Four of the best options explained

When the CF is a fast dribbler then contain wide. When the CF is a good header then contain centre. I just uninstalled the game, it's the best you can do. They admit there is some bugs playing against AI. As a temporarily solution until they fix it, make your teammate to press with square the opponent winger and you cover opponent CF with your CB or DMF inside your box. This type of AI goals was a nightmares at pes I am having the server connection broken, please help me fix this error!

Monst3r View Profile View Posts. It doesn't matter online or offline, if you want to have fun forget this game. I'm not saying to buy FIFA, just don't waste you money on trash games like pes and fifa. What a mistake. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 27 Sep, am.

Posts: 7. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.In a post on Facebookthe PES development team addressed controversy within the community about the differences between the PES demo and the retail version that launched soon after.

Players feel the retail version of PES features inferior gameplay to the demo, which was more responsive, slower and had a more agreeable referee. On the latter point, the ref in the retail release seemingly lets rugby tackles go. It's quite annoying. We noticed some fouls that were being judged in the demo would not be considered as fouls in real life. Since we always strive to make PES as close to real life football as possible, we did our best to make the judge better at defining which plays should be considered as fouls and which one were not.

My takeaway from that is Konami went a bit too far in giving the ref a more lenient outlook on fouls for the retail release. So, no revert to demo gameplay for PESbut what players are getting is a gameplay patch by the end of October. This addresses two key complaints. Over to Konami again:.

This will ensure an exciting gameplay for 1 vs 1 duels in the sidelines or the battle for the ball in the penalty box. With the fix, it will become harder for the ball to reach the attackers, so constructing the play will be more important during matches. As a result, the pace of the game will come closer to reality.

The first gameplay change addresses a key complaint I made in our PES review. Here's the relevant snippet:. On occasion - and I should stress, this doesn't happen all the time, but it happens often enough for it to be a significant problem - one of your defenders will ignore the ball. I'm not joking. He'll just let it pass him by, leaving an opposition player to collect it, knock it on or, worst of all, get a shot on goal.

The issue is so stark, I initially thought it a launch bug that would be patched by a day one update. Well, I'm all up to date, and it still happens. It's pretty criminal. The second gameplay change ultimately addresses the pace of the game, which has come under fire from fans. But drilling down, this is more about the weird situation in the game currently where it feels like there's no midfield.

You can go straight to your forward players with little buildup, with defenders playing an extremely low line. So, these changes are welcome, and should go some way to improving the brilliant but flawed PES gameplay. But there's no mention of tweaking player responsiveness, which many - myself included - feel isn't quite up to scratch. Please continue giving us your feedback on the gameplay and other aspects too. To see this content please enable targeting cookies.

Manage cookie settings.In PESexpert opinion has been employed wherever possible to ensure that every action made on the pitch stands up to the scrutiny of even the most discerning of football fans.

Fans of the series will agree, authenticity has always been important in PES, and that applies just as much to your on-pitch failures as it does your triumphs. In alignment with this philosophy, PES will feature realistic portrayal of player error, creating more opportunities for you to take advantage of careless mistakes made by opponents, while also encouraging you to live and breathe every moment of competition to ensure your own play is on point.

Several new first-touch techniques have also been added, empowering you to take command of the ball in a way that suits your personal playstyle. New in PESFinesse Dribble is an advanced technique that will allow users that are adept at anticipating the movements of their opponents to snake between defenders with exceptional agility. Trapping a football is something of an art, and just as no two artists would paint a portrait in the same way, each player has his own unique approach to taking command of the ball.

The development team has gone to great lengths to realize this concept in PESwith huge improvements coming to the way that trapping works in-game. Players will now exhibit enhanced intelligence when interacting with an approaching ball, choosing a trapping technique that is not only representative of their personal playstyle, but also one that suits each match situation.

A handful of new trapping skills will also be available; including No Touch Control, which enables you run beside an incoming ball without making contact; and the Trick Trap, a skill that allows you to feint a trap in one direction before deftly veering off in the other to beat an opponent.

For football purists, fewer things are more satisfying to see than a long ball that wings its way towards its target with uncanny accuracy, but like anything else in football, accuracy must be earned. PES realizes this idea in-game by bringing an added level of realism to the pitch with enhanced context-sensitivity for kicking. Now more than ever, you will be rewarded for timing, patience and match awareness.

Konami announces changes set for PES 2020's first big patch

When the offense pushes forward into the final third, the penalty area can become something of a battlefield for defending players. In PESsignificant improvements have been made to accurately recreate every tense moment of play that occurs around the box when defenders clamber to shut down a well-executed attack.

These improvements include additional sliding tackle animations, more realistic animations when clearing the ball with your head, as well as the option to perform an Intentional Foul as a last-ditch effort to save an otherwise hopeless situation. Significant enhancements to the physics engine will enable you to interact with the ball in several new ways, contributing to a deeper gameplay experience.

First-touch interactions will now be rendered with far greater realism, allowing shrewd players to better anticipate the path of the ball. Technically-minded football fans will also be able to take advantage of a finely-tuned ball control system that will allow them to manipulate the ball with various parts of their feet and control it with a greater level of dexterity. With the addition of an adaptive player interaction system realized through the new Inspire characteristic, fans will be able to see player personalities play out on the pitch with unprecedented realism.

For example, when a player renowned for his dribbling ability takes possession of the ball, his teammates will spread out to give him adequate space to make a penetrating run. Similarly, when a known playmaker is on the ball, his teammates will position more aggressively to take advantage of his prodigious passing ability. Add a host of new skills and abilities to your repertoire in PESincluding the following:. Aggression — As the name suggests, players with this skill will bear down on a player with the ball with considerable aggression.

Tight Possession — Players with this skill will be able to use superior finesse and technique to out-manoeuvre the opposition in tight spaces Through Ball — Players with this skill will receive an accuracy boost when playing through balls. Long Shot - Players with this skill will receive an accuracy boost when shooting from range. How Will You Choose to Play?

New Features.PES is a weird game. At times I couldn't help but think, is this the best PES ever? Gameplay wise, I mean.

The ball PES 's ball is a thing of beauty, the best video game football I've ever virtually kicked. It feels weighty, it bounces realistically and travels through the air in delicious arcs David Beckham birthed in his pomp.

The animations PES 's player animations are a joy to behold. Outside of the boot flicked through balls to overlapping full-backs, no-look crosses, deft chips, and, when players collide, realistic scraps for possession.

The fluidity of motion in this game is something else. It's rare that you'll see a player do that jarring sports video game thing of sliding into place to force an animation to meet the ball, or jerk unnaturally as he realises his atoms should be in one position over another.

But then, there's a lot that's not great about the on-pitch action in this year's PES. I'd even go as far as to call some aspects of the gameplay broken. Let's start with the AI defending. On occasion - and I should stress, this doesn't happen all the time, but it happens often enough for it to be a significant problem - one of your defenders will ignore the ball. I'm not joking. He'll just let it pass him by, leaving an opposition player to collect it, knock it on or, worst of all, get a shot on goal.

pes 2020 defending

I've conceded goals because of this, both online against human opponents in myClub and offline against the AI. The issue is so stark, I initially thought it a launch bug that would be patched by a day one update. Well, I'm all up to date, and it still happens. It's pretty criminal. Elsewhere, the much trumpeted Andres Iniesta-inspired new dribbling system doesn't seem to work properly.Buy Now.

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